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The Darkest Part of the Night

Jonah was in the 3 darknesses, the belly of the whale, the deep ocean and the night sky

Literally descending to his lowest point

Before his Lord answered his call, and filled his life with a beautiful light

Guided his people, placed a tree for shade because the sun was too bright

Moses, was facing the sea, with nowhere to turn but his Lord

His people had lost hope, they thought it was an end

But he knew, God was near, help was ready to come

God opened the sea for Moses

Out of his mercy, his divine openings and hope

The Prophet Muhammad

Peace and blessings be upon him

Had lost his protector, his great love and supporter

And the people of Taif tried to denigrate him

But little did they know, Allah was bringing the dawn

And he ascended above the heavens,

To go meet his Lord

Adam had made a mistake,

and felt the greatest bit of guilt

And then he learned he was created to

Seek forgiveness and be forgiven in the first place

So if you fall, do not fret

And never forget that God

Is waiting on your call

Ready with your ease
Just point your heart towards Home

It is the darkest part of night

That invites the coming of the dawn


To Become Gold

a lump of gold in the dirt, is just dirt.
but outside of the ground it transforms into gold
It gets molded and becomes the most beautiful of things
maybe this is just you, being pulled out of the ground
and I know that seeing the sky for the first time
can be difficult and overwhelming at first
But know that in the night, in the twinkle of the stars
Is where you are truly from
You were not a lump of dirt born in the dirt, to live in the dirt
and to die in the dirt
In the company of soil and rocks
But you are from the stars, meant to be taken out
And sparkle
being melted down, until its just you, pure and beautiful you

more precious than gold

who’s heart outshines the grasp that any man could try to hold

but right now, you just have to be alone,
so you can finally stare into the glow, of your reflection.
and see it for the first time.

Because within your heart holds the secret of life
The purpose
To know and worship your Lord
So right now, don’t be afraid to be alone
Because your company is closer to you
than your jugular vein
And don’t fear the heat of hardship
For its melting away pigments of your past
A past you have held onto but God has no need for
Because he is forgiving,
Wanting us to move forward and let go
So we can become anew
So that you can become pure
So that you can finally glow
And finally become you
What you are meant to be
Something more precious than gold

How Many Generations?

A Poem About the Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him)

Jesus son of Mary, brought the dead man back to life,

but How many generations of men have you brought back to life?

How many generations of men and women did you save, Oh Chosen One?
Salallahu alayhi wasalam. Peace and blessings of God be upon you.
Your light illuminates the whole world,

and even lights the life of those who do not believe in you.

Your character spread across the Earth and all good character is encompassed in it.

Even the disbelievers after you have values and morals

due to your light shining through the Earth, although they are unaware.

You benefitted like a sweet fragrance, to even the hands that tried to crush you.

Your light spread across the globe by those who loved you.

The people of the earth stared and gazed

at the light illuminating from the face of your lovers,

in awe, inspired by their righteous character.

Oh even the stranger can see your light illuminate on the faces of those who love you!

But how small is the light of those who follow you

in comparison to the man called a guiding light in the Quran.

People amazed by stars, but you shone brighter than the sun!

Spreading peace, bringer of glad tidings, a warner to take remind that God is One.

How many men and women found themselves in darkness

and were given a way out by the illumination of your prayers.

How many men and women do you rescue from the fire!

How many lovers drew close to God because the closest to Him,

told us that He is near.

Oh Chosen One! Peace and blessings be upon you,

how can I ever express my love at all.

If my words became all be praise of you, in my whole lifetime,

I couldn’t even equate the beauty of just one of your breaths.

There is no honor in me knowing you, but my honor is that before I existed,

I was in your breast.

My love for you will never be sufficient…

But your love…
How could I ever be without you? Ya Rasulallah, salallahu alayhi wasalam.

You once asked have I conveyed the Message?

Another generation of men and women

will confirm that what you have brought and said are all truth.

Gods Peace and blessings be upon you

Love Through You

I will go be with You my Rabb! (my Lord)

And whichever guests You let in, will be the ones I take as true

The guests and I may build a house, but our home is only with You

So refresh my heart, redirect and make it like anew

But close all its doors, except for one.

The one path of those who love through You

Close all the doors except for one

Where they find my heart by finding You!

How Can I Tell You

How can I tell you?

That love is all aspiring

That if you were to stare into my heart

It would be awe inspiring


How can I tell you that I love you

To where what I feel isn’t reduced to mere words

The love within me is bursting forth

My body cannot contain its presence

And my tears are remnants of it leaking


You see,

This love is much greater than me

Its cumbersome, but at the same time


Our hearts they beat

A piece of flesh so small

That fits in the palms of my hands

But it somehow can hold a love so large

That it could swallow the world whole

That in this endless void of space

With spiraling stars and stones

Is this heart

On this little rock

Circling the sun

And on this rock, it lives

It loves

It  grows

A microcosm of its own


This beating connection between my body and soul

Lives, thrives, invokes and persists

With one resounding message that it repeats

God exists, God exists, God exists

Don’t resist, don’t resist, don’t resist

Because in me is a spiraling microcosm

A universe of its own

Manifested into the physical world

As a small organ no larger than my fists

The eyes looks out to the sparkling sky

And my thoughts, look within

And sees this living, breathing universe

Spirit, Mind and Heart

Spiraling more elegantly


Than this rocky globe it is apart

And even if we could travel into the stars

My love could probably reach out and touch you

Because its reach, its light

Is much greater and encompassing

Than the darkness in the night

So I send my love across a horizon

Let me know if it’s ever received

And I will show you a greater beauty,

Than eyes could ever believe

Sit With The Earth

Sit with the Earth and let it teach you humility.

Watch it stand firm as your feet hit its face

Never ashamed to serve

Or call the bottom its place

Because it knows the reality is that his Lord is the most High

Never ashamed to be covered by Allah’s creatures and skies

Watch water and let it teach you flexibility

Watch it flow and grow as temperature falls

Taking the form of its container

Tracing its way through the Earth, supplying life

To anyone or anything looking

Just accept the invite!

Never selfish, always compromising

Just come and it’ll bring you life

Listen to the birds, sing praises of their Lord

Not caring if anyone or anything is around

Or if they are heard.

They just have a beautiful gratitude to praise

And raise

their voices, Oh how Perfect is our Lord

Feel the breeze blowing in the sky

Delivering coolness in the heat

Painting clouds in the skies

Making rain clouds, pouring life to the ground

Natures delivery system in the sky

Learn from them hard work, and not seeing the results

Looking to give, not for their faults

And sit with your mother and let her teach you mercy

Watch her love pour forward with each word

Watch her alertness, when she senses an ounce of hurt

You were once a part of her, and she’ll treat you like you never left

Each hug as if you have returned

Feel her love you, absorb her warmth and learn.

Be with your heart, and learn from it how to yearn

The part that often changes and turns

But it pumps and pumps from the moment Allah says be

And won’t quit, will persist until your soul must leave

Repeating with each thump “Allah, Allah, Allah”

Hoping that just once you will hear

Raise your hands and call

“Allah, Allah, Allah”

Be Like the Trees

We came from a similar birth

both started as seeds and your womb was the Earth.

But the wind blows I lose my place, forget my origins become lost

But you hold your ground, remember roots and revel at the sound

Set in the Earth as a proof of God’s love, compassion and grace

I find that trees do not complain of their place.

But instead she glorifies her Lord for His grace.

For being honored to briefly taste, the gift of life

To feel that crisp breeze in the night, to bathe in that warm glow

of sunlight,

in delight

following the bright,

opening itself to rain from the sky

honoring the sustaining ground

Worshiping the most high

Oh tree how much can I learn from you

You never forget

Al Razzaq nurtures you

What an honor it is to be a slave

To be a servant to the one who gives and has gave

What else for was this all made

except to love such a Merciful and Loving Lord

You were once just a seed hidden in dirt

He nurtured you in the calmness of Earth

and caused you to see the sun

Who too is the slave of the One

Nurturing and giving and so you were raised too

To give was the least you could do,

When Al Razzaq gives life, sublime, glorious The Truth

He placed you on Earth to serve as a proof

There is only one Rabb

One Illah

Al Hayyu al Qayoom

So do not complain of your place

For your Lord is most knowing and wise

Be like the tree, glorify

Praise and rise

Rise to the obedience of the One who creates all

Our God, our Lord, our creator, Allah