They Had God

They Had God

Ahmad ibn Hanbal memorized 1 million hadith. He compiled his Musnad, which contains over 27 thousand hadith in it. Imam Nawawi died at 45 yet he publishes some of the greatest works of fiqh and hadith and is the authoritative opinion in Shafi’ Fiqh. They did the infeasible. Its unimaginable people can write that much or memorize that much, but they were able to because these are people who received the help and blessing of Allah. These are things they could have never done on their own.


Today we are faced with insurmountable odds against us. We feel helpless and unable to make change. The ocean is dying. We dream of Terra forming new worlds. Titan is looking promising.

A human is much more capable than we think though. Imam Nawawi and Imam Ahmad were people who internalized and lived the reality that “If Allah is your helper none can overcome you, and if He withdraw His help from you, who is there who can help you after Him? In Allah let believers put their trust.” (3:160) The impossible becomes quite possible when your ally is God, who is able to do all things.

Alone, we don’t have power or might. The universe seems too big for one little human to make a difference, but for God, its easy.

I can’t wait to see where this journey takes us.