Making the Unseen Real

As Muslims we believe in the unseen. We believe in the world of Angels, revelation, the day of Judgement, the life of the grave, a life to come and many other unseen things. We don’t see any of these things with our physical eyes in this life. To most of us I think, unless we’ve witnessed unveilings the unseen is exactly that; the unseen. The heart can definitely see the world of the unseen if its been trained to. It can feel tranquility and light in it when in an angelic presence.

What’s amazing about confirming the unseen in the world is that you also have to face the unseen in yourself. Read a verse in the Quran about how Allah can see all including seeing what is in our hearts.

There was this video called Judged, created by the UTA MSA (University of Texas Arlington Muslims Student Association). It was about how this non-scarf wearing Muslim sister, Nura was being judged by some of the other Muslims including some men and some scarf wearing Muslim sisters. As one of the girls spoke ill of Nura I realize that perhaps we see fault in someone and Allah has overlooked it, but we speak ill of them and Allah has not overlooked the fault on our tongue. Perhaps the sinner who struggles is more beloved to God than the one whose outward religiosity comes easy to them, but their heart is poison.

Isn’t the hypocrite the one that outwardly says they believe, but inwardly attest to something else? Do we not fear that our tongues will reveal the vileness in our hearts and that our limbs along with our hearts will testify against us that perhaps we were merely acting. Actions are but by intention and true intentions are part of the unseen part of people, but God is al Baseer, the all seeing.

And then suddenly I am naked. Astaghfurillah, I seek Gods forgiveness. Naked because I realize I cannot hide anything from the King of all dominions. The king of the dominion of my heart and unseen parts of my being. I have too much to work on within my own self and within my own actions. I am much too sick of a man, much too faulty of a man to waste time searching for the faults of others. There will come a day when the only person I have to answer for is myself, standing alone before God.


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