Humble Origins

You are over 100 thousand years in the making. Know that everything in this society wants to point out your imperfections, but will not tell you the perfection of your imperfection. They want you to feel bad for that nose you don’t like, or those eyes that aren’t right, or your hair that’s too flat, but they won’t let you know that within you are the genes that have traveled through every ancestor of yours finally culminating in you. You are the crescendo of the orchestra, the masterpiece of a long history of struggle and life. Perfectly imperfect. Your genes were willed and chosen by God, the Creator of those beautiful stars in the sky. You are like that sunset, gleaming and crimson and you only have a short time on this Earth, don’t waste it thinking of your imperfection.

Because every gene was chosen. In arabic, the word Nutfah is translated as sperm drop. Its used in the Quran in the description of the fertilization process.  The origin of its meanings used by the Bedouins is if you pour a bucket full of water out, Nutfah is the small amount of water that stays in the bucket. This is you, that small amount of water left that chose how you would look, like that single egg and that single sperm among millions. Your body, your face, your smile is exactly how it was meant to be. Alhamdulillah, All praise and thanks is due to God for choosing us how we were meant to be. What are the odds? How many millions of coin flips and DNA duplication and even DNA mutations did it take for you to exist.

And even beyond that story of your body that is over 100 thousand years in the making is the reminder that you are not a body that happens to have a soul, but you are a soul that happens to have a body. A soul that spoke to God.  The only odd,probability or number we need is One. God is One and He made one of you. Precisely the way you are meant to be. Every spiral of DNA confirming that Perfect is our Lord, the most high. He hears all and knows all.

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