Slowing Down Time

We live in a time where there is only a split moment between your random thought, rolling off your tongue or rolling off your fingers being tweeted to the world or statused on facebook. We live in a world of instantaneous. We have faster computers every year, faster internet connection, faster phones and faster fingers as practice makes perfect. Instant gratification and instant expression. If you want to see a dog, google it. Your friend sent you a snapchat, hurry you only have 10 seconds. We do so much, communicate so much and yet, we do so little and feel alone, communicating nothing. We are always connected, but never connected.

We are always doing something, we go from waking up, checking facebook, showering, restroom while checking twitter, microwaved breakfast while checking the news, to our cars to go to work while listening to our favorite music, then at work we “multi-task”, etc etc. And yet, we actually get very little done. We actually make very little close friends. Sociologist and psychologists are discovering that people are more lonely than ever. Less than half of people in America have someone to confide in and tell anything to. The old definition of friend, over less than half a century has become so warped that we now have to say Best Friend to mean Friend. And we have less of them than our grandparents did, although our facebook claims otherwise.

We are the paradox generation. The generation that invented social networking, but doesn’t know how to hold real conversations. We sit together liking each other’s posts, hearting each other’s instagram photos and tumblr posts while the other is five feet away. We take pictures of a sunset to show the world, but we can’t even remember what it looked like. Our psychology is changing and our perception of time is changing. We are always in a rush. Fast food, fast cars, fast everything. We live fast, but we barely live at all.

We are missing our lives while we miss them. Our families sit at home during holidays coming together to stare at screens. We stare at facebook but rarely ever look at each other’s faces and story books. We snap chat but don’t know how to chat. Life is happening and we are missing it. You can take a photo of a sunset and never see it, never experience it.

Slow down, and you’ll do more. Its not about how many likes you get on facebook, there is only one quantity that matters: One. God is One. The only one we should be trying to please is God. No likes on facebook can cover that reality up. A million people can like your photo, but if God doesn’t, its working against you. The only quantity we need is one. Live slower and better, death is coming anyways, might as well enjoy life and actually experience it. Your phone won’t tell you on the Day of Judgement, oh hey thanks for letting me experience life for you, now as a gift you can have those memories now. Don’t go for a hundred things, a million things, just do one thing, please God.

Put down your phone for an hour. Its ok. The heart in your chest and soul in you is calling out to you, its been a long time since you listened. Slow down, prayer longer, no distractions, sit down and just be with God. He is the only One you will ever need.

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