About Time

We are all time travelers moving forward through time even though we can’t perceive it. Every moment we get is unique and we’ll never get it back. Time is the dimension of our being or as Hasan Al Basri says “Son of Adam! You are nothing but a number of days, whenever each day passes then part of you has gone.” [Reported by Salih al-Murri]. We don’t know how many days we are actually composed of, but because we are always decreasing in them, each one becomes more rare as another is loss. We are travelling through the dimension of time and as we go further and further along, we lose a part of us.

So live every moment as if it is the most precious. We’ll never get it back. Its why we always search for meaning. We walk closer to death and its beautiful because we get to choose the way in which we walk. There’s no avoiding the destination, only choosing to do it with dignity and righteousness.

The only thing the people of paradise regret is that an hour passed in this life and they didn’t remember God in it. So be thankful of every hour you get to spend remembering God. Be thankful that He made it obligatory that 5 times a day, you take a break to remember Him. So when you love, do it with purpose, and walk as if you always have a destination. Destiny is not that our destination at the end of this life differs, we all die and return to the Earth, but that the means we take, the character we possess and seal in which we die on differ. May we be given a good and beautiful seals to this life. May each moment be full of mercy, righteousness and towards the most beautiful abode.  Ameen.

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