How Can I Not Love Him

I once wrote this poem about the Prophet Muhammad (salallahu alayhi wasalam, peace and blessings be upon him), called How Do I Love Him, I realize now that a more appropriate title would have been How Can I Not Love Him. Once you know him, it becomes impossible to not love him.  A pure heart can’t help but to love Habib Allah, the most beloved of God and the greatest lover of God.

Even after all this time I struggle to explain his light and to express my love and praise him, but how could I? What use is there in me trying to articulate the beauty and praise of this man when The Lord of the Worlds, Allah, Glorious and Most High has praised him. After God’s word, what left is there to say. All my words will only fall short, so I write to explain my meager love of him.  I’ll never love him enough or be able to follow him enough because how could you ever love someone who has saved your life in this world and your eternal life. Before him, I wasn’t alive. I was a man without character, without purpose and direction. His light, peace and blessings be upon him, revived my heart.

As a poem I vaguely remember saying: “Jesus son of Mary, brought the dead man back to life, but How many generations of men have you brought back their hearts to life?”

I first met this man as a child, my relatives would sing songs in praise of him. I never knew what they were saying, but those words and that melody stayed in my mind well into my adult life until one day I was walking and singing and I realized the words I were repeating. I was sending prayers upon him.

I’d credit divine love for keeping that in my heart even when I was heedless and ignorant. He is, salallahu alayhi wasalam, after all the Beloved of God and the Praised One. I’d like to think that maybe that’s what eventually got me onto the right path, I had an ounce of love in my heart, and I sang praises of a man that I didn’t even truly know. I had learned about him in some Islamic classes, but it was very little and very unrealized reality  in my life.  I think that maybe God accepted my prayers of peace upon him even though I didn’t know what I was saying because God loves him and transformed by ignorant love to a love I could never ignore.

When I finally took the time to learn more about him as an adult, I was astonished, in awe and I remembered weeping because of the divine grace of knowing that this man was my Prophet, my Messenger and I was in his Community. Salallahu alayhi wasalam. I learned what it truly felt like to be honored that day. Everyday emulating his way has been a day that has been worth living. It feels good to be alive and to wake up knowing I have the perfect example to follow. My roadmap is Islam and my guide is the Prophet Muhammad salallahu alayhi wasalam. His God is my God, his religion is my religion and I pray that his home will be my home too.

I don’t know where life will take me, but knowing that I am honored to be able to walk in the footsteps of the man that is the Beloved of God, is exhilarating and wondrous. Loving the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasalam and loving Allah subhana wata alaa, is my pleasure in this life and I can’t imagine how pleasing Paradise is, but if it resembles the tranquility and love I feel then truly that is the best eternal bliss.

I miss a man that I have never met. I love a man that I’ve never seen. I struggle to articulate my love to someone who I have never heard speak. Maybe I am crazy, but I’d be crazier if I didn’t feel this way. How can I not love him?  Without him, I was nobody.

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