The Darkest Part of the Night

Jonah was in the 3 darknesses, the belly of the whale, the deep ocean and the night sky

Literally descending to his lowest point

Before his Lord answered his call, and filled his life with a beautiful light

Guided his people, placed a tree for shade because the sun was too bright

Moses, was facing the sea, with nowhere to turn but his Lord

His people had lost hope, they thought it was an end

But he knew, God was near, help was ready to come

God opened the sea for Moses

Out of his mercy, his divine openings and hope

The Prophet Muhammad

Peace and blessings be upon him

Had lost his protector, his great love and supporter

And the people of Taif tried to denigrate him

But little did they know, Allah was bringing the dawn

And he ascended above the heavens,

To go meet his Lord

Adam had made a mistake,

and felt the greatest bit of guilt

And then he learned he was created to

Seek forgiveness and be forgiven in the first place

So if you fall, do not fret

And never forget that God

Is waiting on your call

Ready with your ease
Just point your heart towards Home

It is the darkest part of night

That invites the coming of the dawn

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