To Become Gold

a lump of gold in the dirt, is just dirt.
but outside of the ground it transforms into gold
It gets molded and becomes the most beautiful of things
maybe this is just you, being pulled out of the ground
and I know that seeing the sky for the first time
can be difficult and overwhelming at first
But know that in the night, in the twinkle of the stars
Is where you are truly from
You were not a lump of dirt born in the dirt, to live in the dirt
and to die in the dirt
In the company of soil and rocks
But you are from the stars, meant to be taken out
And sparkle
being melted down, until its just you, pure and beautiful you

more precious than gold

who’s heart outshines the grasp that any man could try to hold

but right now, you just have to be alone,
so you can finally stare into the glow, of your reflection.
and see it for the first time.

Because within your heart holds the secret of life
The purpose
To know and worship your Lord
So right now, don’t be afraid to be alone
Because your company is closer to you
than your jugular vein
And don’t fear the heat of hardship
For its melting away pigments of your past
A past you have held onto but God has no need for
Because he is forgiving,
Wanting us to move forward and let go
So we can become anew
So that you can become pure
So that you can finally glow
And finally become you
What you are meant to be
Something more precious than gold

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