How Many Generations?

A Poem About the Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him)

Jesus son of Mary, brought the dead man back to life,

but How many generations of men have you brought back to life?

How many generations of men and women did you save, Oh Chosen One?
Salallahu alayhi wasalam. Peace and blessings of God be upon you.
Your light illuminates the whole world,

and even lights the life of those who do not believe in you.

Your character spread across the Earth and all good character is encompassed in it.

Even the disbelievers after you have values and morals

due to your light shining through the Earth, although they are unaware.

You benefitted like a sweet fragrance, to even the hands that tried to crush you.

Your light spread across the globe by those who loved you.

The people of the earth stared and gazed

at the light illuminating from the face of your lovers,

in awe, inspired by their righteous character.

Oh even the stranger can see your light illuminate on the faces of those who love you!

But how small is the light of those who follow you

in comparison to the man called a guiding light in the Quran.

People amazed by stars, but you shone brighter than the sun!

Spreading peace, bringer of glad tidings, a warner to take remind that God is One.

How many men and women found themselves in darkness

and were given a way out by the illumination of your prayers.

How many men and women do you rescue from the fire!

How many lovers drew close to God because the closest to Him,

told us that He is near.

Oh Chosen One! Peace and blessings be upon you,

how can I ever express my love at all.

If my words became all be praise of you, in my whole lifetime,

I couldn’t even equate the beauty of just one of your breaths.

There is no honor in me knowing you, but my honor is that before I existed,

I was in your breast.

My love for you will never be sufficient…

But your love…
How could I ever be without you? Ya Rasulallah, salallahu alayhi wasalam.

You once asked have I conveyed the Message?

Another generation of men and women

will confirm that what you have brought and said are all truth.

Gods Peace and blessings be upon you

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