How Can I Tell You

How can I tell you?

That love is all aspiring

That if you were to stare into my heart

It would be awe inspiring


How can I tell you that I love you

To where what I feel isn’t reduced to mere words

The love within me is bursting forth

My body cannot contain its presence

And my tears are remnants of it leaking


You see,

This love is much greater than me

Its cumbersome, but at the same time


Our hearts they beat

A piece of flesh so small

That fits in the palms of my hands

But it somehow can hold a love so large

That it could swallow the world whole

That in this endless void of space

With spiraling stars and stones

Is this heart

On this little rock

Circling the sun

And on this rock, it lives

It loves

It  grows

A microcosm of its own


This beating connection between my body and soul

Lives, thrives, invokes and persists

With one resounding message that it repeats

God exists, God exists, God exists

Don’t resist, don’t resist, don’t resist

Because in me is a spiraling microcosm

A universe of its own

Manifested into the physical world

As a small organ no larger than my fists

The eyes looks out to the sparkling sky

And my thoughts, look within

And sees this living, breathing universe

Spirit, Mind and Heart

Spiraling more elegantly


Than this rocky globe it is apart

And even if we could travel into the stars

My love could probably reach out and touch you

Because its reach, its light

Is much greater and encompassing

Than the darkness in the night

So I send my love across a horizon

Let me know if it’s ever received

And I will show you a greater beauty,

Than eyes could ever believe

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