Jesus the Son of Mary

Jesus was one of the reasons I got more into Islam. When I first was exploring my reality as a person in this universe, and I was learning about faith and God, I became obsessed with learning about Jesus, peace be upon him. I learned a lot about Christian Theology and the evolution of it so that I could correctly understand the symbolism of Christian Art and it was through this, that I sought out who Jesus was in Islam.

The image of him in the Islamic texts astounded me and mesmerized me. He is known in Islam as Ruhullah, The Spirit of God, like how Abraham is known as Khalilullah, the Friend of God and the Prophet Muhammad is Habib Allah, the Beloved of God. The most striking aspect of Jesus’s life and example was his renunciation from this material worldly life, his care for the needy and his stress on nurturing the human spirit and connection with God.

I found it so intriguing that the one Prophet that God sends back to this Earth is Jesus. Each Messenger in Islam carries an additional and unique lesson to be learned for humankind for those who pay attention. Moses stood up to the oppressor. Abraham was the patriarch about building families of faith. Jesus is the reviver of the spirit. He is the Messenger sent to his people, preaching to them that religion simply isn’t just rules, but its loving God, worshiping God because he deserves to be worshiped and enlivening the human heart and keeping it from becoming hard. Remember that Jesus was opposed by the Pharisees, the scholars of his people who had made religion rigid, outward only and self righteous.

We need Jesus because he is Ruhullah, the Spirit of God. When you look at the direction of the world and even of religion, especially Islam, the one disease that we are beginning to suffer from is the death of the spirit and this obsession with the material world. We need Jesus to come back, because he’s the exact opposite of where we are heading. We are in a century where the greatest problem we will face is the growing gap from the rich and the poor, but not just in money. Jesus taught people to feed the poor who needed food, but also he taught us to feed our souls from impoverishment.

I don’t know when Jesus will return to this earth, but in the meantime I pray that I can revive my life and enliven my heart and character with his traits and his light. Alhamdulillah, All Praise and Thanks is due to God. In Islam Muslims have the honor of calling Jesus, Isa, peace be upon him, our brother in faith, our Prophet, our Messenger and Ruhullah, the Spirit of Allah. I pray that we don’t become like the Pharisee’s who received a Messenger of God in their midst and turn him away out of arrogance and ignorance.

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