Sit With The Earth

Sit with the Earth and let it teach you humility.

Watch it stand firm as your feet hit its face

Never ashamed to serve

Or call the bottom its place

Because it knows the reality is that his Lord is the most High

Never ashamed to be covered by Allah’s creatures and skies

Watch water and let it teach you flexibility

Watch it flow and grow as temperature falls

Taking the form of its container

Tracing its way through the Earth, supplying life

To anyone or anything looking

Just accept the invite!

Never selfish, always compromising

Just come and it’ll bring you life

Listen to the birds, sing praises of their Lord

Not caring if anyone or anything is around

Or if they are heard.

They just have a beautiful gratitude to praise

And raise

their voices, Oh how Perfect is our Lord

Feel the breeze blowing in the sky

Delivering coolness in the heat

Painting clouds in the skies

Making rain clouds, pouring life to the ground

Natures delivery system in the sky

Learn from them hard work, and not seeing the results

Looking to give, not for their faults

And sit with your mother and let her teach you mercy

Watch her love pour forward with each word

Watch her alertness, when she senses an ounce of hurt

You were once a part of her, and she’ll treat you like you never left

Each hug as if you have returned

Feel her love you, absorb her warmth and learn.

Be with your heart, and learn from it how to yearn

The part that often changes and turns

But it pumps and pumps from the moment Allah says be

And won’t quit, will persist until your soul must leave

Repeating with each thump “Allah, Allah, Allah”

Hoping that just once you will hear

Raise your hands and call

“Allah, Allah, Allah”

2 thoughts on “Sit With The Earth”

  1. Thank you so much Thomas. So I took so long to respond. I really appreciate that. I actually took all of these photos myself. I went on your page and saw your photos, I think they are absolutely gorgeous. So your compliments so much to me because I can see you have real talent. I wish I could travel as much as you to.

    P.S. I am Muslim and write primarily for Muslim audiences so sometimes I forget to adjust my posts for a larger audience, so If you ever read anything I write and want to give me feedback about how to make what I write more approachable, my ears are open.

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