Be Like the Trees

We came from a similar birth

both started as seeds and your womb was the Earth.

But the wind blows I lose my place, forget my origins become lost

But you hold your ground, remember roots and revel at the sound

Set in the Earth as a proof of God’s love, compassion and grace

I find that trees do not complain of their place.

But instead she glorifies her Lord for His grace.

For being honored to briefly taste, the gift of life

To feel that crisp breeze in the night, to bathe in that warm glow

of sunlight,

in delight

following the bright,

opening itself to rain from the sky

honoring the sustaining ground

Worshiping the most high

Oh tree how much can I learn from you

You never forget

Al Razzaq nurtures you

What an honor it is to be a slave

To be a servant to the one who gives and has gave

What else for was this all made

except to love such a Merciful and Loving Lord

You were once just a seed hidden in dirt

He nurtured you in the calmness of Earth

and caused you to see the sun

Who too is the slave of the One

Nurturing and giving and so you were raised too

To give was the least you could do,

When Al Razzaq gives life, sublime, glorious The Truth

He placed you on Earth to serve as a proof

There is only one Rabb

One Illah

Al Hayyu al Qayoom

So do not complain of your place

For your Lord is most knowing and wise

Be like the tree, glorify

Praise and rise

Rise to the obedience of the One who creates all

Our God, our Lord, our creator, Allah

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