You’re Beautiful

You’re beautiful.

Not because some guy says you are, or you get 100 likes on facebook

But You’re beautiful
Because from that crinkle in your face,

or that slight slant in your eyes
Or those rounds cheeks when you smile

Wasn’t by coincidence or mistake

God chose you

He created and knows you

You look in that mirror worried what others will think

But settle down and recite the Quran
let it sink

The One who creates and fashions, and who decrees and guides

That you think those eyebrows are a little too thick

Or your complexion too dark in this summer heat

But its on purpose

You are perfectly imperfect

Perfect in imperfection
This is why you are perfect

Selected and fashioned by the same One who spread across the stars in the sky

Who colored the crimson horizon of sunset
Carries the birds while they fly
Casted the subtle yellow of dusk

Who gave a scent to the deers producing musk

He chose you, every gene and phenotype

running through your ancestors to finally arrive
At you, you are alive
Not by mistake
Don’t take his signs as play
or forsake
You are certainly selected and fashioned
the way that you are

He chose you,

and perhaps you’ll obey, and hear what he says

This is perfectly imperfect

1 single egg, 1 single sperm. Once you were two.
Then he chose you. Miraculous.
You are a miracle, a sign

And he placed that mysterious soul and heart inside

7 billion miracles walking on Earth!

And then the person still asks, show me a miracle!

He never looked at himself or the world

How can I show you anything when you don’t look!

Hold your heart, listen to it beat
And realize it doesn’t beat for no reason
And don’t tell me it beats so that some guy can come along
and take your heart away!
Don’t give away that part of you
So no, its beats, persists,
Waiting for you to finally submit
To its creator, the vessel from which you know Allah
Its Lord the most High
Sisters, don’t let some man come along and take your heart away
Because it wasn’t created for men, but the Creator of all men
The vessel of knowing God

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